V: ARMY discovers Taehyung’s secret ability, what is it?


The BTS fandom, better known as ARMY, recently discovered that V has developed an incredible new ability.

We all know that Kim Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, is good at singing, acting, and writing songs. However, the singer of the K-Pop group turned out to have an extraordinary ability that surprised everyone, mainly ARMY.

V’s amazing ability is that he can quickly find fans, especially those who are filming in the crowd. This is known from photos shared by an ARMY in the online community. In the post, you can see a photo of V at the airport looking at the camera.

The fan revealed that TaeTae found it even though it was in a hidden place and full of many people. However, this ability of Taehyung cannot only be appreciated in public places, even during V concerts he can easily find a fan who is recording it.

Many of the fan photos show the “Stigma” singer looking at his camera. After seeing these photos, many fans were amazed, some even wondered “How can Kim Taehyung identify fans with cameras that are in the crowd?”

V’s ability surprised everyone

Indirectly, the photos of the singer looking at the cameras of the fans show that he is a person who knows them very well and is aware of everything they do. “What is your secret, TaeTae? Share with us! “Said one fan.” How do you really recognize them from afar? “Others mentioned.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently enjoying global success after releasing the song Dynamite. The song has also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two consecutive weeks. The plan, V and the other BTS guys is to release their new album in November.

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