V and Jimin play pranks on Jungkook in BTS in the Soop


Jungkook’s game was interrupted by the jokes that Taehyung and Jimin planned to annoy him. A new episode of BTS In The Soop was revealed and with it, fans have managed to see more funny moments from the idols of Big Hit Entertainment, including the evils that some members used to make Jungkook lose concentration, we tell you the details of this moment that will make you laugh.

In the most recent episode of In The Soop, the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys were able to show off their skills with a virtual reality game, but the difficulty was increased by some unexpected factors.

Jungkook is a lover of video games, so I do not hesitate to test himself and enjoy a game. However, this idol did not expect that some of his peers would start playing pranks on him to make him lose.

While the BTS vocalist was focused on the game, Jimin came up behind him and caused it to move by pushing him suddenly, but because Jungkook was wearing the game’s glasses and controls, the maknae got a big surprise. .

After this, V also approached and slightly pulled Jungkook’s shorts to distract him, making him move the controls again.

Later we saw that Jungkook took a little revenge, because while he saw others playing, he also came to make jokes that would affect their game.

We recently told you what the meaning of V’s moles is and what traits reflect his personality, take a look and get to know this idol better.

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