V almost loses his eyes when shooting an ‘ON’ music video


A wardrobe mistake caused Kim Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, to get injured while filming ‘ON’.

BTS always takes every precaution to ensure safety on set. However, even experts like V are injured on occasion. Between BTS’s announcements and the new video series on BangtanTV, ARMY is inundated with new information and images about the boys.

One of them was the behind-the-scenes videos for ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima. In the video, BTS performed extremely powerful choreography with post-apocalyptic props. At one point, due to Kim Taehyung jumping too hard, the zipper on his costume hit him in the face.

At that point BTS and the staff had to stop filming to make sure it was okay. The zipper left a red mark on TaeTae’s face, but it only caught his eye. Fortunately, the zipper did not touch V’s eyes, if it had, he might have suffered an eye injury.

When the “Stigma” singer saw the images on camera, RM cheered: “I don’t know what disaster will await me in 10 seconds.” But after resting for a while, V kept dancing like nothing. If it weren’t for these images the audience probably wouldn’t know he was hurt. V is really professional!

V fans set another world record

As we all know V will celebrate his birthday later this year. While we started the countdown to his 25th birthday, the singer’s fan club in China has already raised a huge sum for the celebrations, setting a new world record.

The club has revealed that they have already raised funds of 1.2 billion won, according to Dispatch. And the most incredible thing is that the feat was achieved in just 80 days. AllKPop reported that the fundraising event raised 1 million yuan in just one minute. The club raised 6 million yuan in just 59 days and 14 minutes.

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