V: All records Kim Taehyung broke in 2020

BTS’s V is one of the most successful music artists of the moment. These are all the records he has broken during 2020.

BTS is one of the biggest music groups in the world right now, and the band continues to set records on the Billboard charts. His new song “Dynamite” became the first song by a Korean artist to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, is also setting new records as his popularity continues to rise. In fact, he is the BTS member with the most records in 2020. These are some of the records that BTS and V have broken this year.

Previous records of BTS

If you are a fan of BTS  you will know that the group joined Tik Tok on September 25, 2019. Once they joined the social network, BTS’s account became the most Fast application to reach 1 million followers.

The time it took for BTS’s account to reach 1 million subscribers was three hours and thirty-one minutes. Tik Tok has seen many high-profile celebrities join the platform, but BTS’s army came together to give the group the record.

Additionally, BTS also achieved the most viewed YouTube music video in twenty-four hours with the music clip for their song “Boy With Luv” (featuring Halsey) released in 2019. The music video garnered 74.6 million views in one day.

On Twitter in 2019, BTS fans contributed to a new record for the most-used hashtag in twenty-four hours when voting for the annual Soompi awards took place (Soompi is an annual awards show that honors the best in television and Korean music).

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V and BTS records in 2020

On Instagram, V set a new record after his post became the most liked image (for a Korean artist) of all time with 5.8 million hearts. V broke the record he set in 2019 with another photo that received 4.6 million likes.

TaeTae also became the first male idol to pass 4 million likes, surpassing BTS’s own Suga. The image with which he broke these records is a preview of his new song “Dynamite,” which was released in August and has been dominating the charts.

Officially, V’s teaser photo is the most liked Korean male solo photo of all time on Instagram, surpassing 5.8 million hearts. The likes come not only from ARMY, but from other artists, models, singers and influencers of this social network.

BTS also broke their own record for the most viewed music video in twenty-four hours when the music video for “Dynamite” received over 100 million views in one day. The previous record (achieved in 2019) belonged to the music video for his song “Boy With Luv”.



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