Uzbekistan: We Will Respond Sharply To Border Violations


Uzbekistan: We are in contact with the Taliban, we will respond sharply to border violations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan announced that the Tashkent administration is in close contact with the Taliban to ensure border security and that attempts to violate the border will be harshly responded to.

Afghanistan ‘makes a statement about the situation in Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the Uzbek side of the border to ensure security and maintain contact with their relatives with Taliban representatives in matters preservation of tranquility in the border areas. All kinds of violation attempt at state borders in accordance with Uzbekistan legislation the hard way that will be answered” I used to fadeur.

The Ministry stated that they hope that the transfer of power in Afghanistan will take place peacefully on the basis of a general consensus, taking into account the generally accepted norms in international law.

Stating that they support the statements of the forces in Afghanistan that they are ready to form an inclusive government and that they hope full peace will be achieved within the scope of the negotiations in Doha, the ministry said, “We are confident that the development of events in this direction will contribute to the establishment of national reconciliation and will provide the necessary conditions for the establishment of a strong and legally competent state. ‘ he added.


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