Using WhatsApp on iPhone is changing!


Facilitating the sharing of photos and videos in the early days of this year, WhatsApp unfortunately shared a statement that upset iPhone users. The last of the iOS-based updates shared under the name “WhatsApp iPhone update” caused controversy.

The popular communication software, which takes care of the long-awaited dark theme issue, will be updated with version 2.20.50. The new version has a tab called “updated context menu”. So what’s on this tab?

New WhatsApp iPhone update upset users
Taking action for the Corona virus, which has been threatening humanity for the past year and a half, WhatsApp has taken various measures to prevent information pollution and to control messages.

In this context, the messaging application, which restricts the sharing of a message, continues to increase the level of measures it takes. So what are the other developments?

Those using the beta version of the 2.20.50 update stated that the context menu is constantly crashing. Now dealing with this problem, WhatsApp wants people to share with via the WhatsApp symbol.

The version 2.20.42, where the person sharing feature was removed, did not like many users. Because the speed of the content sharing system has been reduced to satisfy the users.

The previous context menu could be activated if a long press on a content to be shared or if the 3D touch system is used. The relevant content was already selected and shared comfortably with other people.

Another advantage of the old menu is that the sharing process can be applied without opening WhatsApp. From now on, it is necessary to open WhatsApp before sharing can be done.

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After this step, you should choose the person to share your content with. Naming the policy of reducing the speed of spreading of messages as a precaution, WhatsApp management has not yet made a decision about the permanence of this move.


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