Using Skype just got easier!


The number of people working from home is increasing due to the Corona virus. As such, millions of people are connected to online video-chat platforms and meetings continue. Skype also rolled up sleeves to make things easier for people. From now on, you will be able to connect to a free chat without having a subscription on Skype or even downloading the program. So how will this be possible? Here is Skype Meet Now!

Communicating with Skype Meet Now is easier
Skype aims to make accessing even easier by making the use of video calling software as simple as possible. Announced on Friday, Skype Meet Now is actually a web-based version of Skype. With the application, which has additional conveniences, you can access most of the features you can access in Skype. This includes blurring the background and the cloud feature where calls and files are stored. Users can go to the Skype Meet Now web page and click on the “create meeting” link so they can send a meeting link to the person they want.

Skype Meet Now was introduced as a Skype Insider feature in December. Microsoft had a preliminary verification by talking about Skype Meet Now at a launch this week. The technology giant also said it reached 40 million daily users in March, up 70 percent month on month, similar to the popularity of its rival Zoom.

How to use Skype Meet Now?
Using Skype Meet Now is simple. First, the user should create a free meeting. Then, if the Skype application is not installed on the device, it launches the Skype web application. Since the meeting link does not have any duration, there is a link open for reuse. Therefore, you can communicate over the same link at any time.

In addition, calls can be recorded on demand, stored for up to 30 days, and shared media can be kept for a long time. Up to 50 participants can now be invited to Skype Meet Now. If you want to experience Skype Meet Now, you can find it here.


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