Using his power to prevent Biden from being recognized?


The refusal of the US president to accept his electoral defeat leads his government to hinder an orderly transfer of power and risk a crisis.

Before the elections in the United States, two questions were hovering about how President Donald Trump would react to a possible defeat.

The first question was whether Trump would accept a victory from his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

We already know the answer: Trump refuses to acknowledge Biden’s triumph projected since Saturday and maintains that there was electoral fraud, without showing evidence of it.

A second relevant question was whether the president would use his enormous power to avoid recognition of Biden.

And the answer to this began to unfold this week, with various measures by the Trump administration challenging the election results and hindering an orderly transfer of power.

In his battle for the election results, Trump has also won the backing of leading figures in his Republican Party, where few senators have congratulated Biden.

Some experts warn that the current scenario increases the risk of an unusual dispute in the US over the transfer of command.

“Where will this lead? Nobody knows. Ultimately, it will depend on his fellow Republicans pressuring him (Trump) to step aside. Otherwise, it can create a constitutional crisis, ”Joshua Sandman, a professor of political science at the University of New Haven, an expert on the US presidency, tells BBC Mundo.

“A shame”

Biden on Tuesday called Trump’s attitude “a shame” since the election, but said his team is carrying out the transition anyway.

The projection of Biden’s triumph responds to the fact that the Democrat surpassed the majority of 270 delegates in the Electoral College that will elect the next US president on December 14.

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