Users report disk drive problems on Xbox Series X


Xbox Series X users are reporting, through their social networks, some occasional problems with the new Microsoft console, which has been showing serious defects in the disk drive. According to the players, the video game refuses to completely collect the physical media, with some situations of crash and strange sounds when the CD enters fully.

Despite being a very common situation for the beginning of generation, since many unforeseen events are possible to occur especially in the first models that arrive on the market, drive failures appear as a major problem mainly for the Xbox Series X, which is almost R $ 2,000 more expensive than the Xbox Series S due to the presence of physical media compatibility and other high end configurations.

According to the main reports about the failure, in some cases the console refuses to receive the disc, making a strange noise as if it were unable to understand the function. In others, the Xbox Series X can receive the CD entirely, but cannot read or initialize the game. Check below some posts about the defect.

“I have an even worse problem. What would be the best way to get an exchange?”

“I think my Xbox Series X has a defective disk drive. I tried to insert some different compatible games (from Xbox One and 360) and the drive won’t let me in. Nothing is in there (unless I know). I just I put it. ”

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