Users report bug in Android Auto, but Google doesn’t care


For more than a year, bilingual Android Auto users have reported problems with the ability to read notifications. The car software is switching languages ​​and reading messages in a confused way – and the “solution” found by Google itself is even more confused.

Drivers explain that Google Assistant appears to be trying to read messages received in the secondary language of the phone. However, it interprets the text based on the system’s main language.

The Android Auto forum on the Google platform contains over 900 comments on the problem. With records starting in 2019, there is a large collection of very curious stories about the error in reading the notifications.

A French driver, for example, with a device configured primarily in the French language, says the assistant is reading messages in English – even with the content written in French. So, the result is a large set of meaningless words.

Many users report that they have given up using the automotive software feature because of constant language errors. Thus, they were waiting for an update from Google to fix the problem.

A Confusing Solution

But a year after the failure was initially reported, Google came up with a very confusing “solution” to the problem at hand. It is simply recommended that users delete the second language of the cell phone or mobile device connected to the vehicle.

By deleting the second language from the device, it means that the Google Assistant will no longer be able to use that language, significantly reducing its functionality. However, the action prevents him from reading common phrases or expressions in certain languages ​​that cannot be translated.

To the surprise of users, Google marked the issue as “resolved” in the list of known issues for Android Auto. Apparently, instead of correcting the error, the company ignored the fact that almost half of the world’s population is bilingual. It seems that Google doesn’t really care about Android Auto anymore.


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