Users Get Disappointed With Windows 11 Emojis


Windows 11: The expectation of Canal Dev users, being the first to receive build 22478 of Windows 11 on Thursday (14), was mainly around the new emojis of the newly released operating system. After all, according to a post from Microsoft in July, these darling faces would come with a 3D design. But that’s not what happened: they came in 2D.

As the ad was posted on World Emoji Day, designer Claire Anderson, art director and “emojiologist” at Microsoft, made a point of sharing a preview, in which she showed, in addition to 3D design, most of the new emojis it was lively. Of the more than 1,800 emojis in the Microsoft 365, she assured at the time: “We have been working for the past year to drastically update them, creating a system that is naturally fluent.”

Emojis announced by Microsoft in July 2021.

What are the new Windows 11 emojis like?

The first thing I noticed in yesterday’s build 22478 was that all Windows 11 emojis are totally flat 2D images. Although they are similar to the emojis in the video above, any hints of shading that might give the slightest illusion of three-dimensionality have been carefully removed. The colors are also flat, with no effect whatsoever.

It can be argued that the inclusion of shading could affect the visibility of the effects, especially on a smaller scale, in addition to going unnoticed by people with some kind of visual limitation. However, the question that arises is: why did Microsoft announce the shaded, and animated, variants of the emojis with such pomp, and then simply not release them in Windows 11?

Charged by the XDA-Developers website to explain why it opted for 2D projects, the Redmond giant did not manifest itself.


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