Users Complain About Audio Bug On Samsung Mobile Phones


Samsung Galaxy phone owners have been using social media to report audio issues on their phones, which have been going on for a few months and so far have not been fixed by the manufacturer. As informs SamMobile, this Friday (10), the bugs mainly affect the most expensive models of the brand.

Amid the complaints, some users cite that the glitches started from the update to One UI 4, recently released for some smartphones from the South Korean giant. But there are also reports that the bugs have been around since older versions of the interface.

According to Twitter user @Adimimic, the Galaxy phones audio bug appears while making video edits using the device’s built-in program and also while playing games. The problem is more noticeable in low and medium sound frequencies, especially in smartphones with better quality speakers.

Interestingly, the flaw is not as noticeable when using headphones, whether in the wired variants or those connected via Bluetooth, according to the complaints. In addition to the social network, reports also appear on Samsung forums and YouTube.