Users Cannot Abandon Windows 7 Operating System


More than 10 years have passed since Windows 7 met users. During this time, the operating system was able to gain the love and trust of users. It seems that users cannot give up the operating system that will receive the latest security update on January 14th.

Windows 7 continues to be popular, although more than 10 years have passed since it was made available to users. Many Windows 7 users do not want to replace existing operating systems with new versions, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, which will soon be discontinued for security updates. Windows 7 users do not quit Windows 7, although Microsoft can switch to Windows 10 at no cost during the current campaign period.

Stat Counter has found that Windows 7 is becoming less prevalent in the market and there is an increase in Windows 10 operating system users. Considering that the Windows 7 system has reached the end of its life, and that Microsoft offers plenty of incentives for users to migrate to new operating systems, this is not surprising.

Windows 7 still has very loyal users:

windows 7 10

The data obtained in December 2019 shows that the Windows 7 operating system is used at 26.76% and Windows 10 at 65.4%. It is clear from the data that Windows 7 users have started to migrate to the Windows 10 operating system, but some users seem to insist on not changing their operating systems before January 14, when Windows 7 will receive the latest security update.

Windows 7 experienced this decline, progressed slowly from month to month. Windows 7; 27.98% in October, 27.49% in November, and 26.76% in December. This means that the 2-month drop in operating system usage rates was only 1%. This is interesting for an operating system that is about to expire.

Windows 8.1 cannot benefit from the removal of Windows 7 because most users prefer the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 8.1; In October 2019, it was preferred 5.07%, 4.98% in November and 4.87% in December.

Of course, the Windows 7 operating system is not expected to disappear overnight, but the decline in the number of users in the coming months is expected to increase. Windows 7 will receive the latest security update on January 14, but if we look at the new data, the operating system will remain on the agenda for a while. Stay tuned to stay informed.

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