Useful websites for developers


One of the biggest problems of beginners who want to be a software developer is not having enough experience to find solutions to their problems. In this article, we will provide information about useful websites for software developers. In the article, where we bring together the most preferred sites in the world, you can take the first step to find a cure for your problem.

Useful websites for developers
The need for qualified personnel in the IT sector is increasing day by day. For this reason, many people want to continue their career as a software developer. We have compiled websites that can be useful for software developers and candidates.

Stackoverflow is one of the most visited sites by software developers. You can ask questions and prove yourself by answering the questions on the site where users have questions about programming languages ​​such as Python, HTML, Java, C #, JavaScript.

Git, a versioning system, is one of the terms that software developers are most familiar with and use. Github is a system based on Git versioning. Users license their projects and publish them on Github. You can find sample code related to any subject you want to research on the site, which also includes big companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google.

Reddit is a world-famous website where you can get ideas on everything. You can both share the projects you have created and ask users who are stuck in any subject, especially on the site preferred by cyber security and software developers. Thanks to the sub-titles called Subreddit, it is possible to reach more detailed information about any of them.

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W3Schools is another site that can be useful for beginners to program. If you want to improve yourself on web programming, it is useful to visit, where there are examples of topics such as HTML, Css, JavaScript.

Created by HackernewsYcombinator, Hackernews hosts many informatics content such as programming and hardware. A site that you can visit to read current developments about programming and to set goals for yourself by examining interesting
Devdocs, which has features like W3Schools, is a very useful website especially for those who are new to programming. In addition to languages ​​such as darts, JavaScript, Scala, C, C ++, it also has a lot of resources regarding language frameworks.


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