How to use Trello? Nine tips for improving home office productivity


Trello, a tool for project management and monitoring, can be a great ally during the coronavirus quarantine period, which forced many Brazilians to set up a home office. With its intuitive interface and smart features, the online platform proves useful in organizing tasks – from the simplest to those involving large teams in large companies. In the list below, check out nine tips for making the most of Trello’s features and improving your productivity levels with the tool.

1. Enjoy keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts help maximize productivity on any tool, and Trello would be no different. With just one key, you can trigger a series of commands on the card, from filing and moving to changing members and labels. The tool offers more than 25 shortcuts, all listed on the official website (

2. Drag, drop and paste files
Trello offers many practical alternatives for adding attachments to cards. In addition to using the “Attach file” button, available to the right of the card, you can drag and drop files from your computer to the card. It is even possible to drag website links to Trello. The metadata for those addresses will be saved in the frame.

Trello also allows you to copy and paste any image on the clipboard to the card. To do this, just right-click on the photo, select “copy image”, open the card in Trello and then press “command + V” (Mac) or “Ctrl + V” (Windows).

3. Use filters to find cards
Searching for filters is the most efficient way to find cards in Trello. Unlike the traditional search box, which only supports keyword research, the tool allows you to filter cards by tag, member and delivery date. To enable the feature, just press the “F” key or, in the menu to the right of the table, click on “Search cards”.

4. Set reminders for the delivery date
The indication of the date of delivery of a task in Trello is very clear and objective. Still, no one is safe from forgetting the deadline and delivering a project late. To minimize these chances, a good tip is to set reminders for the delivery date. It is possible to program Trello to notify you of the deadline with a maximum of two days in advance. The feature can be enabled from the “Delivery date” button on the side of the card.

5. Use integration with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive to upload files
You can upload files                                                                                                      directly from Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive to Trello. To do this, open the card, click on “attach file” in the sidebar and select the corresponding service. Then, log into the account and choose the desired files. The function saves time and eliminates the need to drag files.

6. Copy charts, lists, cards and checklists
If you want to use a board, card, checklist or list as a template, you can copy them to take advantage of the template. In the case of a card, simply access the “Actions” menu, on the side of the card, and click “Copy”. In the case of a table, open the menu (B) and expand the list of options by clicking on “More”. Finally, select “Copy frame”.

It is also possible to copy items from a checklist to another card. The step-by-step is just as simple: click on the “Add checklist” button on the sidebar of the card, and select the desired list from the “Copy items from” menu. If what you want is to copy a list, click on the menu in the right corner of the list and select “Copy list”.

7. Create cards from spreadsheets
If you used to use Microsoft Excel to organize your projects and migrated to Trello, know that you don’t have to start from scratch. The online tool allows you to convert an entire column of the spreadsheet into a card. To do this, just use the traditional “copy and paste” command. When pasting the list on the Trello card, you will be asked if you want the topics to be on a single card or on separate cards. Since each item represents a different task, select the second option.

8. Turn e-mails into cards
One of the many benefits of using Trello for project management is to avoid multiple email exchanges between team members. What not everyone knows is that the tool allows you to turn emails into cards, straight from your Gmail inbox, Yahoo! Mail or any other service. This is possible because each frame has a unique email address. To discover it, just open the menu and click on “Email settings for board”.

9. Attach other cards to a card
Attaching another card to the card you are editing is very simple. Just click on “Attachment” on the side of the card and choose the “Trello” option. With this, the user has direct access to the card and does not need to waste time searching for it. Trello also allows you to add links to another card. Before making the connection, however, you need to find out the card’s address by clicking “Share”. With the card link in hand, just paste the URL into the description.



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