How to Use Secret Gateways in Fortnite Episode 2 Season 2


The new theme of the popular game Fortnite was set as agents, and the second season was launched on February 20. In addition to the agent-themed looks, weapons and equipment in the game, hidden passages are also very popular. How to use the new feature and how to hide it in these secret passages? The answer is in our article.

The second season of Fortnite Episode 2, which is one of the favorite of the game lovers and highly anticipated, officially launched last week. After episodes with limited content updates, Fortnite players seem to have liked the upcoming changes and innovations. The theme of the new season stands out as a secret agent, and the game, which has very interesting graphics, also has James Bond inspirations from time to time. One of the highlights of the episode, full of secrets and rewards, is the secret passages, while players still try to discover all the features in the game.

New hidden passages in the game can be found in all safe home locations. However, unlike the old sections, the new secret passages are not hidden in the ventilators and dampers this time. The comments insisted that those who have finished this struggle will be a little closer to unlocking the most important of this season’s best Fortnite mysteries.

How to hide in secret passages?
If there is a hidden passage, you can hide yourself by approaching it and pressing E when the ‘Hide’ button appears. You will then see that you have moved from a tunnel to a new place nearby. To complete the contest, you will need to do this in three different games.

Let’s add that the longest season of the game, Season 2, comes with an update of 10 GB. In the new season, although there are leaks about helicopter flying, it seems that there is no helicopter in the game right now. Players have the right to choose between two agents. Ghost (Shadow) or Shadow (Shadow). By completing the missions in various regions of the map, the key called “Keycard” can be earned. Keycard is used to open secret bunkers.

Players earn points by completing missions and advancing through the game and can use these points to get various rewards. Although it has been more than 1 week since its publication, we will continue to convey more detailed comments and news about the game, which is highly spoken and loved, in the coming days.


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