How to use PayPal? See how to create an account and sign in


PayPal is an online wallet that allows you to receive and send payments via your computer. The tool can be integrated with different websites and applications, being used as a method of payment for subscriptions, online services and products purchased over the Internet. The platform allows integration with credit cards to add money, link a personal bank account for withdrawing money and generate payment slips. In addition, it is possible to send and receive payments from other users of the service using the registered email.

Check out a tutorial with the main features of the online version of PayPal below. You can also access the service through the application available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones that allows you to perform all the operations we present.

How to create a PayPal account
Step 1. Access the service’s web page and click on the “Create Account” option;

Step 2. Enter your country in the list of locations and define an email and password that will be used to access the service. Click on “Start here”;

Step 3. Enter your full name, social security number, telephone number, date of birth and full address. Select the terms of use and press the “Continue” button;

Step 4. For this example, we will use the “For me” option that allows you to buy over the Internet and send payments to other people. There is also the option for companies with solutions for this segment;

Step 5. Click on the “Include card” option to insert your credit card details;

Step 6. Enter your credit card number, expiration date and security code. That done, press the “Add card” button.

Like a bank account with PayPal to transfer income
Step 1. Click on the “Add your bank” box to start the procedure;

Step 2. Add your complete bank account details and press the “Agree and add” button.

Step 3. The “Activities” tab shows the history with all the movements made in your account;

Step 4. Click on the “Send and Request” option and then tap on the “Send” subgroup. This page is intended to make payments to other PayPal accounts. To do this, simply add the person’s email and press the “Next” button;

Step 5. Define the amount you want to send and, if necessary, add a note about the payment;

Step 6. Confirm the sending of money by clicking on the “Continue” button;

Step 7. In the “Request” subgroup, enter the e-mail address of the person who wants to charge a payment and click “Next”;

Step 8. Define the amount of the charge, add a note and click on the “Request payment” button;

Step 9. The “Wallet” tab shows the balance available in your account and offers, in case of stored balance, the option to “Transfer funds” to your registered bank account;

Step 10. The summary screen displays all activities, accounts for which you have made payments or charges and other resources;

Step 11. Still on the “Summary” page, click on the “Add balance with boleto” option;

Step 12. Define the payment amount and click on the “Continue” button to define the document;

Step 13. The ticket was created and can be viewed or downloaded to your PC. When the payment is cleared, the balance will appear in your account.

Use the tip to use the online wallet to make financial transactions through PayPal.


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