Use Mongoose and MongoDB to provide application data



Working with MongoDB data can be time-consuming and exhausting, with the requirement that you write extensive and logical business validations. Mongoose, an object data modeling library, facilitates data relationship management and provides schema validation for MongoDB objects. In this code pattern, you will learn how to use Mongoose to connect to your MongoDB database so that you can read and update documents.


Mongoose provides an easy way to model your data with MongoDB. It connects to a MongoDB database so that you can configure your Node.js application to create, read, update or delete documents in the database. The Express framework helps you create RESTful APIs quickly and easily for your database operations.

This code pattern shows how to conveniently configure a map server application to use a database for data storage. The application will be deployed on a Kubernetes platform.

This pattern is part of a larger application. This application is a map server in which data such as stands, events and beacons (to generate a heat map of the event) are stored. The map server will be used as a back end for a user-facing panel. The panel, using the data from the APIs configured on our server, will view this data and show users a map or floor plan. This map server will also be used to generate an internal map in an iOS application.

Upon completing this code pattern, you will understand how to:

Implement Mongoose with NodeJS
Create RESTful APIs with database operations
If you are ready to take advantage of Mongoose’s flexibility and convenience in your applications, this is your starting point.


The user sets up a MongoDB database. Compose for MongoDB is used in this standard.

The user adds fictitious data that correspond to the schema of the models defined in the application.

The user then interacts with the application deployed through its APIs. The person can view an internal map in SVG or PDF format.


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