How to use James Delivery for online grocery shopping


James Delivery is a delivery application that allows users to make purchases in supermarkets and receive products at home. Available for Android phones and iPhone (iOS), the platform has partnerships with large supermarket chains in several Brazilian cities for customers to make purchases of basic food items without leaving home. As with the iFood and Rappi platforms, purchases are made with payment by credit card.

The resource is ideal for elderly people with mobility problems and who must remain in voluntary quarantine due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus. In addition, the tip can be used by families and people who wish to make purchases while traveling. Next, check out how to make grocery shopping on your cell phone and receive home deliveries with the James Delivery app.

How to create a James Delivery account
Step 1. Open the application and, if you are already a user, use the available login options. New users must tap on the “Create Account” option and provide their full name, email and set a password for the service. Then, tap “Enter”;

Step 2. Select that you agree with the terms of use and tap on the option “Continue using the app”.

How to shop online with James Delivery
Step 1. On the application’s home page, access the “Supermarket” table and tap on one of the establishments listed on the next page;

Step 2. Navigate through the tabs with the product type at the top of the screen to see specific items. To add products to the basket, tap on the “+” icon. Repeat this procedure with other products to separate everything you want to buy. When you’re satisfied, tap on the supermarket cart icon at the bottom of the screen;

Step 3. At that moment, tap on the option “Enter a new shipping address”. On the next page, select your city from the service’s scope list and tap the arrow icon to proceed;

Step 4. Enter the name of the street where the purchases will be delivered. Then, set the home number and tap the arrow icon;

Step 5. Inform if the address has any type of add-on and tap the “Send” button. On the next page, press the “Confirm address” button;

Step 6. Define a nickname for the address and enter the name of the person who will receive the purchases on the spot;

Step 7. Inform the phone number of who will receive the purchase and tap on the arrow icon below the frame. Once this is done, tap on the description of the newly configured address so that it is saved for delivery;

Step 8. Check the option “Choose a payment method” and enter your credit card details. To save, press the “Save” button;

Step 9. Check the values ​​of your order and press the “Confirm” button to pay and finalize the order.

Use the tip to place purchase orders in markets by cell phone and receive delivery at home.


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