How to Use Google Translate in Google Sheets

Google offers millions of consumers a service called “Spreadsheets”. Spreadsheets, one of the services we can qualify as a free alternative to Microsoft Excel, has a very unknown feature. This feature enables automatic use of Google Translate in Google Sheets.

US-based technology giant Google serves consumers in dozens of subjects. Thanks to these services provided by Google, consumers can both save a lot of money and easily access almost anything they need. In this context, one of the services offered by Google to consumers is Documents, Spreadsheets and more, which we can consider as alternatives to Microsoft Office applications …

Now we will talk about an extremely effective feature that you can use on Google Sheets. With this feature, you will be able to use a different Google service directly from within Sheets.

One of the popular services offered by Google to consumers is Translation. Serving in dozens of different languages, Google Translate is the number one assistant to millions of consumers who are especially interested in foreign languages. The feature we will talk about lets you use Google Translate in Google Sheets. This feature, which is not known to many users, is the type that will make your work seriously easier.

What you need to do to use the Translation service in Google Sheets
First, access Google’s “Sheets” service.
Spreadsheets can work over code just like Microsoft Excel. To use the Google Translate service in Spreadsheets, you need to use some minor codes.
First, list the words you want to translate in a row.
Then switch to the cell you want to translate and apply the following code: = GOOGLETRANSLATE (-translated cell-; “source language”; “translation language”)
Let’s explain this situation with a visual;
To run the code you use in other cells, press the blue dot in the lower right corner of the cell where the translation is done, drag it across the cells to be translated.
After dragging, all of your words will be translated automatically.



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