How to use Gift Card on Xbox One? See how to buy the gift card


Cards work as prepaid balance to buy games over the Internet.

The Xbox One allows you to buy Gift Cards, ie gift cards, the network Microsoft or through official dealers such as large retailers. These are prepaid balance cards, which can be added to the user’s account to purchase Xbox One or Xbox 360 games, whether or not they have Live Gold, the Xbox Live subscription . The balance varies between $30, $50 and  $100, according to the player’s need – it is also possible to buy several digital copies, to add the amounts and purchase more expensive games or large quantities of games, movies, music and DLC. Find out how it works below.

It is possible to buy Xbox One Gift Cards at major retailers, but the operation varies depending on the store chosen. For this reason, we will teach you how to buy using Microsoft’s own website, which is a single, official source and more direct to the point for that purpose. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Paste this link in your browser ( to access the shopping website;

Step 2. The $50 and $100 options will be visible. Click on “All settings” to also display the $30 and make your choice. Click on “Add to cart” when you decide;

Step 3. In the cart, check the chosen card and click on “Checkout”, if everything is right;

Step 4. Sign in with your Microsoft account, the same one used on Xbox Live, to actually complete the purchase, check your credit card details and click “Place Order” to buy.

Usually the balance is already added to the user’s account with the purchase, and there is no need to do anything else. If you buy a physical Gift Card, in stores and retailers, it will come with a secret and varied 25-digit code, which must be added directly to the console – under the “Redeem Code” option in the Xbox Live store, or via page ( In these Gift Cards, the code only becomes valid after passing through the store’s cashier.


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