How to Use Face ID on iPhone When Wearing a Mask?


The coronavirus, which has spread to the whole world in a short time after it emerged in Wuhan city of China, infecting thousands of people and causing many people to die, is in our lives these days. We also see every day that many people use masks to protect against the virus. So what will those who use Face ID feature on iPhone do in this situation?

Although it is known that the masks that people use for protection are effective in preventing certain infections, we can say that there is an important side effect in daily life: Hiding the face. This makes it hard for iPhone owners to unlock their phones using Face ID. Fortunately, users have found a way to do this and have described the way to unlock the iPhone for those who wear masks during these sensitive days.

The Face ID feature on iPhone devices is typically used to detect the outlines and features of a face, but what if we use a pair of glasses or a surgical mask like the unusual situation we’re experiencing now? Face ID will need to be set from the beginning to detect inanimate objects. You can follow the steps below to set up Face ID with your mask.

Using Face ID with a mask

Get a surgical face mask and fold it in half, trying not to crease.

Hold the mask close to your face as if you were wearing it. (If you do not want your mask to be wasted, hold it ‘as if you are wearing it’. If you are already wearing a mask, you do not need to take it off.)

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Go to the Face ID and Password section.

If you have both primary and secondary Face ID on your phone, first reset Face ID.

Press the Get Started button to start installing your new Face ID.
While turning your head during configuration, hold the mask in place without moving it. You may need to adjust the mask before the scanner recognizes your face.

When the scan is complete, remove your mask.

Exit the Settings app and lock your phone.

After successfully configuring Face ID, you can test it to unlock your phone by wearing the mask. Finally, it is worth noting that the feature you set using a mask can compromise the security of your iPhone, someone who has taken over your phone and uses a mask like you can mislead this security step to unlock the device and access your information. However, we think that the comfort of not having to remove the mask in daily life while the epidemic is ongoing will be worth this little disadvantage.


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