USDT can now be used in many ATMs

Withdraw money from ATM machine

Tether has formed a partnership with MeconCash. As a result of this partnership, USDT withdrawals can now be made from approximately 14 thousand ATMs in South Korea.

Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino announced that Tether has signed a partnership agreement with the MeconCash crypto platform and now USDT can be used by users at more than 13,600 ATMs in South Korea.

USDT Network Expands

Paolo Ardoino tweeted that, through his latest partnership, USDT has joined the MeconCash (MCH) ecosystem and will be available on the major crypto ATM network in South Korea. Users there will now be able to withdraw this stablecoin without any problems.

An article on the Tether blog reminds readers that this platform is interested in crypto payments, rewards, and even mobile services. USDT is the first stablecoin that MeconCash started using on its network. Once USDT is integrated into the MCH ecosystem, this will allow local users to use USDT to pay for goods and services offered online by traders. This collaboration of Tether and MeconCash will solve various problems for Tether and remove some of the barriers in the traditional financial system.

Tether hopes that adding USDT to the MCH ecosystem will make international transfers on USDT faster and lower commission fees to allow users to send USDT easier and much more frequently.

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