USB Operating Logic: Here’s What You Need To Know


USB mode of operation. Have you ever wondered how USB works? We researched this technology for you. Here’s what you need to know …

Have you ever noticed how important is the USB technology we use in almost every point of our lives? This type of connection, which we use in almost every product from connecting a keyboard to an external graphics card, is considered one of the biggest steps in computer technologies.

So why is this technology, which is used quite often, so important? We researched this subject and its details for you. How does USB work? here’s what you need to know.

One connection type to rule them all: USB

To understand the importance of USB technology, we must first go back a bit in history. The computer market, which was on the rise in the 1990s, was in chaos. The number of accessories connected to these products is increasing day by day, a different cable was required for each accessory.

For example, a person who wanted to connect a mouse, keyboard, screen, speaker and printer to a computer used five different cables for five accessories. Over time, tech companies looking to find a solution to this problem came together to intervene.

The 7 big technology companies of the period, which reached a joint agreement, decided to develop a single connection type. The new type of connection would be fast and user-friendly, becoming the industry standard. This project, led by Compaq, IBM, Intel, NEC, Microsoft, Nortel and Digital, has made great progress in a short time.

In less than a year, the first version of USB 1.0 was released. This type of connection, which has a plug and play structure, spread in a short time and started to be used by all manufacturers. USB technology, which has been joined by other companies over time, has become the most common and easy way to connect in the world today.

So how does USB work?

Based on a simple logic, USB actually consists of four cables connected to a single end. These cables have separate functions such as receiving data, transmitting data, power and grounding. This technology, which combines four cables in one port at the same time, has made it possible to do more than one job simultaneously.

Another part of the connection is the relationship between two connected devices. This connection, in terms of software and hardware, is simply the owner-slave relationship. While the computer assumes the role of master and dominates the device connected at the end of the USB in terms of software and hardware, the connected hardware brings only what is desired.

Working this way in its simplest form, USB is still the most important connection technology today. This connection, which we encounter in many different sizes and types, is increasing its prevalence day by day with Type-C. What will be the future of USB is already being wondered.


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