USA Treats Patients With Robot, Couldn’t Spread Corona Virus


A person diagnosed with corona virus in the U.S. is being treated with a developed robot. The robot, which has been developed to prevent hospital personnel from being infected, has become an important part of the treatment process.

The corona virus, which was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China and caused about 100 people to die, has started to be seen in different countries. A man in his 30s in Washington, USA applied to the hospital on Monday for symptoms of corona virus. The man who recently traveled to Wuhan was treated at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Washington.

Dr. George Diaz, the contagious diseases department chief of Providence Regional Medical Center, explained that the patient with symptoms of corona virus was treated with a robot. The robot used in the treatment of the patient ensures that the necessary medical precautions are taken and the video call is held with the patient.

A person infected with corona virus is treated with a robot so that the hospital staff is not infected
The robot used in the treatment of corona virus is used for hospital staff to treat the patient without touching the infected patient. This way, the hospital staff is prevented from being infected by the virus.

Chief of the infectious diseases department of the hospital. “The officers are moving the robot,” says George Diaz. So we can see the patient and talk to him. ” The robot used for treatment has a stethoscope with a built-in display.

The robot at the Providence Regional Medical Center has been tested in the treatment of patients with infectious diseases such as MERS and Ebola. “Thanks to the tests, we have established protocols to treat people with infectious diseases in a way we can isolate without spreading the virus to anyone,” said Diaz. While continuing the treatment of the man with symptoms of corona virus, experts try to reach 43 people who have been in contact with the man.

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