USA restricts Huawei access to technology


The US Department of Commerce announced in a statement that Huawei will expand restrictions designed to limit access to chips made using US software and equipment. The first restriction on the Chinese firm, which is currently the world’s largest telecommunications manufacturer, came in May. Huawei technology restriction has added 38 member companies in 21 countries to the black list.

Huawei could have a hard time due to technology limitation

“Because we are restricting access to US technology, Huawei and its affiliates have worked with third parties to use American technology in a way that undermines the country’s national security and foreign policy,” said US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross on the issue. “The multifaceted step we have taken to block Huawei’s ability to do this shows our determination.”

In addition, the ministry stated that the temporary license granted will not be extended. The license, which will remain valid for a while even if it expires last Friday, will allow President Donald Trump to do some business with Huawei and the organizations that do business with it in 2019. These companies will have to apply for a license when the said period expires.

The actions of the American government against Huawei are seen as a result of long-standing national security actions that the firm has close ties to the Beijing administration. Although the Chinese company has repeatedly denied these allegations, it has not yet commented on the issue. Huawei technology restriction seems to affect the related companies as well as the Chinese company. In early August, the Trump administration signed two decrees based on banning TikTok and WeChat as part of its Secure Networks program.

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