USA puts an end to artificial intelligence discussions


The lawsuit filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding artificial intelligence has been concluded. According to the decision taken, artificial intelligence will not be able to apply for a patent.


An international initiative, the Artificial Inventor Project, has applied to the US judiciary in recent months for artificial intelligence to be specified as an inventor in patents.

The lawsuit filed for the patent application, which was rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office because it was prepared by artificial intelligence, was concluded today.

Artificial intelligence cannot be used as a patent inventor in the USA

Products created by artificial intelligence called DABUS, developed by Stephen Thaler from the Artificial Inventor Project team and his colleagues, were rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The US Patent and Trademark Office announced that artificial intelligence is a machine and cannot be qualified as an inventor because it lacks any personality.

Thaler announced that the developed artificial intelligence should be able to get a patent. Stating that the main right holder will be the person who developed the artificial intelligence, Thaler stated that they applied to the US judiciary for this issue.

US federal judge Leonie Brikema declared that the patent office acted in accordance with the law. In the patent law issued in 2011, inventors were defined as individuals.

Arguing that the patent system should encourage innovation, Thaler said, “Allowing inventions created by artificial intelligence will allow more innovative work. The development of artificial intelligence, which can achieve patentable results by making a product more valuable, should be supported.” used the phrases.


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