USA: Illegal Activities in Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said it was illegal and unacceptable activities in Athens during a visit to Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Pompeo, who experienced drilling tension between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot sector came to the fore. The Greek Prime Minister asked Pompeo for help in relieving the tension. During a conversation in a press release that do not address the issue then facing the US Turkey has used tough target phrases.

Pompeo: “Nobody can take Europe hostage”

We want to make sure that international rules apply to the natural resources of the Mediterranean. No country can hold Europe hostage to any other practice in this regard. “

We told the Turks that illegal drilling was unacceptable. As always, we will continue to make diplomatic initiatives to ensure legal activities.

Turkey’s Yavuz drilling ship in the south of Cyprus are making a drilling for sending tensions in the region over the last two days had risen again.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Miçotakis, to Turkey from the United States wanted to warn the drilling operations in the Mediterranean.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is hosted in Athens, Greek Prime Minister, in Pompeo interview, his drilling in the territorial waters of the island of Cyprus, Turkey, said that there is a severe violation of the sovereignty of Cyprus.

Micotakis told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “America also has important interests in the south of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus not only wants to defend its rights, it also wants to run international law. I expect America’s positive contribution to the creation of a more constructive and productive cooperation environment in the region. “

Pompeo did not mention Cyprus before

In spite of Greek Prime Minister’s statements, the US Secretary of State did not directly mention Cyprus. Today, relations between America and Greece are stronger than ever. We can work together to make Greece a mainstay of stability at this point. “

Anti-US protests in Athens

On the other hand, during the Pompeo visit to Greece, police intervened with pepper gas to the group that organized a protest march near the US Embassy building.

The protests were held between the years 1967 and 1974 to mark the anniversary of American support for the administration in Greece.

Another group protesting the defense agreements between the US and Greece organized demonstrations in the city’s famous Syntagma square by shouting slogans “Killer America“.

The demonstrators carried banners of Return home to Pompeo “and No to the US-Greece agreement.


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