USA elections 2020 results in Florida


The state of Florida is key in the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden to take over the Presidency of the United States. Both have been keeping a pulse during the electoral campaign to take over the southern state of the country, which contributes 29 voters.

Finally, it seems that one of the hinge and vital states for the final results of the Presidential Elections will be for Donald Trump, who would be closer to re-election and to re-occupying the White House for another four years.

Popular vote results in Florida

With 98% of the votes counted, the results go like this:

Donald Trump: 51.3% – 5,628,605

Joe Biden: 47.8% – 5,244,926

Trump leads by just over 350,000 votes

Electoral vote results in Florida

Until now it is too early to say who will win the state and take the 29 electoral votes available in the state of Florida. In 2016, Trump took Florida with 49% of the vote compared to 47.8% for Hillary Clinton.

The popular vote counts were Trump: 4,617,886, Clinton: 4,504,975.

Early Voting in Florida

Florida received a large number of early voting, with about nine million votes cast before today’s vote. That’s 93% of the 2016 share.

What’s more, Florida allows ballots to be counted from 22 days before Election Day, which means that we could get Florida’s results tonight.


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