USA election upside down! It opens the difference


Republican current President Trump and Democratic candidate Biden have won in their favorite states. The election is locked in six states. Odds in the betting market have also turned in favor of Democrat candidate Joe Biden. While President Trump made striking statements about the ballot papers on Twitter, the news about the statement of the President of the US Postal Service fell like a bomb on the agenda. Twitter followed Trump’s tweets three times on the same day. Trump will apply for a recount in Wisconsin, where he is narrowly behind.

While ballot boxes were closed one by one in the historical elections of the USA, starting from the eastern states, the first results started to come. We convey all the last minute developments on a live blog, moment to moment.

1.30 PM: It has been announced that Trump will hold a press conference at 23:30 (local time) in Philadelphia.

1.10 PM: Bob Bauer, one of Biden’s senior campaign advisors, commented on the Trump team’s request for a recount of votes in Wisconsin as “confusion”.

Saying that Biden has “won Wisconsin now,” Bauer said the Democratic candidate had reached the required 270 delegates.

12.55 PM: According to the unofficial results released by the AP, Trump is currently taking 48.1 percent of the votes across the country, while Biden is leading the race with 50.2 percent.

While Biden and Trump have not reached the 270 delegates required to win the White House so far, Biden has signed 238 and Trump has 213 delegates in the states where the result was announced.

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In Alaska, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, where the total number of delegates is 87, the results have not yet been clarified.


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