USA election upside down! He just took the lead …


Republican current President Trump and Democratic candidate Biden win in their favorite states. The most critical state is watching the race in Florida with all the US breath.

CNN announced that Trump, who followed the historic election from the White House, could make a speech. While the election turnout shatters the 112-year record, the odds in the betting market are President Donald Trump turned in favor of. Donald Trump won the critical Florida state, according to unofficial results. Democratic presidential candidate Biden, appeared before his supporters in Turkey by 08:30 hours. Trump also made a statement that the world is locked on the screens. On the other hand, Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson made a striking claim. A bomb came from a state that has a critical importance in the election.

While ballot boxes were closed one by one in the historical elections of the USA, starting from the eastern states, the first results started to come. We convey all the last minute developments on a live blog, moment to moment.

17.59: As the vote count continues in key states of the USA, election odds reversed. Betting sites claim that Biden’s chances of beating Trump have risen to 79 percent. The Daily Mail newspaper claimed that Biden’s chances of winning the election reached an all-time high.

17.45: Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said voters can be sure of the counting process and urged them to be patient. “Here’s the truth: It will take a long time to get an accurate count,” Shapiro said in an interview with CNN’s John Berman. “That’s what the law requires!”

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17:13: 89 percent of the votes were counted in Michigan. Trump has 49.1 percent of the vote and Biden 49.2 percent. According to Reuters’ breaking news, Biden got ahead.

17.05: Votes are still counting in Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, Georgia and Pennsylvania. One of the officials working on Biden’s campaign said they were confident the campaign was on the right track, based on the states they earned and those not yet counted.

16.20: A significant portion of European leaders kept their silence about the US elections this morning. Josep Borrell, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the EU’s top diplomat, was one of those who expressed his opinion. “No one can declare victory yet because there is no data to support this claim,” Borrell said.

4pm: Officials in the Wayne County district of Michigan announced that they could not predict when the vote count would end. Counting of votes continues in Wayne County, where Detroit is located. Officials said they could not predict when the vote count would end, as the region was so large.

15.40: CNN’s Phil Mattingly reports that Joe Biden took the lead in Wisconsin. In the state of Wisconsin, where 99 percent of the votes were counted, Democrat fellow candidate Joe Biden took a narrow lead against Donald Trump. Currently, Biden is 20,000 votes ahead of Trump. Wisconsin is crucial in determining who won the White House. CNN’s Chris Cuomo said in 2016 that President Trump won Wisconsin by 22,000 votes.


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