USA Challenge: Why Survivor’s Tyson the Apostle Poses a Huge Threat to Victory


Although it’s still early days for The Challenge USA, the show’s biggest name, four-time Survivor player Tyson Apostol, has also proven to be the biggest threat to victory. Tyson not only played Survivor four times, but also won the title of Sole Survivor in his third season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Many fans consider Tyson a Survivor legend, he is well known for his sardonic wit and sharp confessions, as well as his strategic insight and physical strength.

Having come to The Challenge USA as one of the most famous names of the season, Tyson could find himself in a difficult position early on. There is no doubt that his fellow competitors may view Tyson as a risky player to stay in the game, but Tyson won the first two trials with two different partners (Angela Rummans from Big Brother and Justine Ndiba from Love Island), which guaranteed him safety and giving him and his partners can assign other pairs for exclusion. Tyson, working with his partners, was able to knock out several strong players, including the modern Big Brother legend Tiffany Mitchell, and strengthened alliances with several influential players in the game.

Tyson poses a serious threat to win the first season of The Challenge USA. He absolutely dominated two of the first four trials, and it’s unlikely that any of the other players can’t wait to fight him in a knockout competition. Tyson has a serious advantage over most of his rivals, most of whom have very little experience in high-stakes physical competitions. Tyson, on the other hand, is a professional athlete in two sports and a former college Division I athlete in a third sport. He has been a professional cyclist for many years, and is currently a professional pickleball player. Tyson also has extensive experience as a swimmer at Brigham Young University and holds swimming records at his alma mater, where his name and records still hang from the rafters.

There is no doubt that Tyson is an elite athlete. He is one of two professional athletes participating in the USA Challenge series, as well as former NFL player Danny McCray. Tyson’s physical capabilities, combined with his impressive track record and strategic skills, give him an advantage over the vast majority of rivals he faces. He also cannot be excluded from the game for threatening, as was the case in Survivor: Winners at War. Instead, whoever wants to exclude him from the game will have to beat him in a physical competition, which only a few select cast members of Challenge USA are capable of.

Perhaps Tyson will face some obstacles in The Challenge USA and will not be able to win, but it would be a big surprise if he came out earlier. Although some players have picked him up, including recently retired Survivor graduate Shen Smith, Tyson has also made strategic gains in the game by teaming up with Angela, another strong player, and he has already raised enough money to compete in the season finale. It would be shocking if Tyson left the game soon, because he looks like a player who is in it for a long time.


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