USA Challenge: Big Brother Actors Reveal Their Mantras


This summer, nine former Big Brother guests will compete in The Challenge: USA, and before the premiere, they shared their personal mantras that will support them throughout the intense game. The players include Big Brother 23 contestants Aza Avasum, Alyssa Lopez, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Yang, Derek Xiao and winner Xavier Prater, as well as David Alexander (seasons 21, 22), Enzo Palumbo (seasons 12, 22) and Angela. Rummans (season 20). As guests of Big Brother, these participants had to endure not only the physical demands of the game, but also mental and emotional difficulties. Their personal mantras inspired them to achieve greatness in competitions.

Challenge: The premiere in the USA will take place in July, and the actors of Big Brother will face tough competition from the participants of several reality shows. Among them are “Survivor” (Domenic Abbate, Tasha Fox, Danny McCray, Shan Smith, Desi Williams and winners Tyson Apostol, Ben Dribergen and Sarah Lachina), “Amazing Race” (Kayla Platt, Leo Temori and winner James Wallington) and “Love”. Island (Kyra Green, Cashel Barnett, Seli Vasquez, Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr., Cashai Proudfoot, Javonny Vega, Shannon St. Clair and winner Justine Ndiba). Participants of The Challenge: USA will compete for the grand prize of $ 500,000, as well as a place in The Challenge: Global Championship (working title), which will be broadcast exclusively on Paramount+.

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In a video posted by EW, the participants of the Big Brother contest talked about personal mantras that helped them achieve their goals throughout the games. Derek said that he composed his own mantra, and it goes like this: “If you laugh at yourself first, then everyone else just laughs with you.” The Aza Mantra: “You don’t start living until you start living for others,” but she stressed that she doesn’t plan to use it during competitions in Challenge: USA, and said she was playing for herself. Enzo said that he lives by the saying: “With great risk comes great reward.”

Xavier said he likes the phrase “You create your own luck” because it encourages people to work hard to get what they want. Angela said that her personal mantra is: “I am worthy, I am strong and I can.” She said she would use it because “Challenge: USA” would be a demanding show when it comes to the physical aspect, and “being strong and capable is the crucial part.” David said he repeats daily: “How badly do you want it?” He explained: “You ask yourself this question and answer it with your action.” Kyland’s personal mantra: “Most things tend to work best for those who do their best out of what usually works.”

As the cast of Big Brother competes in Challenge: USA, they will need to find motivation to keep moving physically, mentally and emotionally. Their personal mantras will inspire them to push themselves to the limit to win the game. These are some of the most powerful and legendary players in the history of Big Brother, so maybe one of them will come out victorious in On call: USA.