USA Announces Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threat


The cold war between the US and the Chinese telecom giant Huawei continues unabated. Following the US efforts to catch up with Huawei’s 5G infrastructure system in the previous days, the U.S. Federal Communications Board officially classified Huawei and ZTE as a national security threat.

New developments are taking place in the cold war between the US and the China-based telecom giant Huawei. As you know recently, the United States has called on companies like Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung to work with the US government to break Huawei’s 5G infrastructure industry monopoly. Following these events, the Federal Communications Board, which banned Huawei and ZTE from the Universal Asset Fund issued by the United States Federal Communications Commission, declared Huawei and ZTE as ‘national security threat’ this time around.

Although this incident was a symbolic move because Chinese telecom companies’ access to the US was completely cut off, it still means that the peace gate, which is still considered to be a little gap by some, is completely closed.

Statements by the President of the Federal Communications Board Ajit Pai:

Federal Communications Board Chairman Ajit Pai, the decision to declare Huawei and ZTE as national security threats; He stated that these companies were received as a result of very clear and excessive evidence regarding their close relations with the Chinese government and undertaking spying duties on behalf of the Chinese government. Although no concrete and technical evidence is available about whether Huawei and ZTE behave in the United States’ accusations, US officials are very insistent in their decisions.

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The US government, which accused Huawei of illegally accessing telecom networks last February, failed to provide sufficient evidence on this issue. Huawei, by rejecting these allegations, stated that all the information they received was legally available to them. The Federal Communications Board’s announcement of Huawei and ZTE companies as national security threats causes major wounds in small telecom companies.

Small telecom companies, which purchase equipment from companies such as Huawei or ZTE to avoid production costs, are now forced to buy more expensive equipment from other countries. Although the US is taking steps to cover the losses of these small-scale telecom companies, it seems quite difficult to cover up, as most of the infrastructure of these companies is tied to Chinese telecom companies.


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