USA 2020 Elections, Florida: Results


High voltage. The presidential elections finally came to an end in the United States, giving Donald Trump a win in Florida. According to the latest official information, the Republican candidate surpassed Joe Biden in a dispute more than even. It is also worth mentioning that Florida gives a total of 29 electoral votes to the winner.

According to estimates, Donald Trump got just over 50% of the vote in Florida, leaving Joe Biden in second place. Although it is true that in several states one or another candidate is already considered the winner, it is best to wait until the end of the vote count in the rest of the country to meet the new president of the USA.

Returning to the presidential elections in Florida and how they were carried out on Tuesday, it is worth mentioning that of the more than 95 million US citizens who cast their vote through early voting, 8 million 974 thousand 308 of these resided in Florida.

Election predictions in the USA

The current president of the United States, Donal Trump, is seeking re-election this year against Democrat Joe Biden who, in Florida at least, starts with a slight advantage over his contender. The voting decision is very even in that state, although it should be noted that Trump has almost managed to equate things between the two according to the statistical model of FiveThirtyEight. All the contrary to California and New York.

Election Results: What time do they come out?

Regardless of whether Trump or Biden declare themselves winners in advance, the official result of the elections in the United States will only be known after closing the polls at 7 pm. In Florida, which by history always chose the winning candidate, preliminary counts have been scheduled for 8 p.m. this Tuesday (ET)

It should be noted that these results in Florida will include advance ballots issued in person and by mail. However, keep in mind that the final result of who won the presidency of the United States, whether it was Donald Trump or Joe Biden, will take several days to know.


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