US vs. China: rumors point to Apple’s interest in TikTok


The past few weeks have been the scene of yet another conflict between the USA and China, but this time in the digital sphere. By launching an online petition, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his intentions to ban TikTok, the famous Chinese social network, creating great commotion around the world.

In order to alleviate the situation, Microsoft confirmed that it would be negotiating to acquire the platform’s operations in the USA, with the approval of Trump, who gave the company 45 days to complete the acquisition, under the condition that part of the values ​​be directed to the country’s Treasury.

Now, according to internal industry rumors, Apple would be another interested in buying the North American division of TikTok. The information was released by Dan Primack, from the Axios website, who cited the problems that the acquisition would bring to the Cupertino giant, but that the company has the necessary resources to deal with the situation.

In response to Primack’s statements, Apple assured that there were no discussions about purchasing the platform, and that it would have no interest. The transaction would be unusual for the company, considering TikTok’s multiplatform reach, in addition to the targeted advertising system, something already criticized by Apple.

In any case, the soap opera continues, and we can only wait to see whether or not the Apple will actually enter the race through the Chinese social network. Microsoft and other interested parties must complete the purchase by September 15 before the deadline provided by Trump ends.

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