US Treasury Minister: “Our Money Will Not End”


The U.S. has recently approved a $ 2 trillion incentive package to alleviate the economic effects of the Coronavirus. The government started to provide money to citizens and distribute loans to SMEs by using this package.

“Our Money Will Not End”
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke to business owners across the country in a recent statement and said they don’t have to worry.

$ 350 billion of the $ 2 trillion incentive package in question is devoted to saving only small businesses. US President Donald Trump said recently that Congress may allocate too much budget for these businesses if this money is insufficient.

Speaking to CNBC, U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin called out to the owners of these businesses and stated in a clear language that “the money will not be spent” for these businesses. His statements are as follows:

“Peace of mind for every small business owner across the country. Our money won’t run out. President (Trump) has instructed us to meet with Congress again. We hope that they will increase the budget tomorrow or Friday. Everyone is comfortable; If you cannot get the loan you need this week, you will be able to get it next week, if not, next week. There will be no problem with money. ”


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