US to ban downloading WeChat with Tiktok


It was announced that the downloading of China-based Tiktok and WeChat apps in the US will be banned from September 20. Trump was on the agenda in a previous statement with the words “We will either close Tiktok in this country for security reasons, or this application will be sold to another US company”.

The US Department of Commerce announced that, on the grounds of “protecting national security”, social media applications of Chinese companies TikTok and WeChat will be banned from downloading in the country as of September 20.

In the statement made by the ministry, it was noted that the Chinese Communist Party used these practices to threaten the US national security, foreign policy and economy.

In the statement, it was stated that both applications collect data from users, including location, browsing and search histories, and that the companies in question are in mandatory cooperation with the intelligence services of the Chinese Communist Party.

“This situation causes the use of WeChat and TikTok to pose unacceptable risks to our national security,” the ministry said in a statement. evaluation was included.

In the statement, it was pointed out that US President Donald Trump’s bans could be lifted if concerns about national security are resolved until November 12.

US President Trump announced on August 3 that he would ban the Chinese-based social media platform TikTok if his US arm is not sold to any American company.

On August 6, Trump signed 2 decrees to ban US individuals or organizations from doing any business with Chinese companies’ social media applications TikTok and WeChat.

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US President Donald Trump said in a statement recently, “We will either close Tiktok in this country for security reasons, or this application will be sold to another US company.” He had recorded his words.


Video creation and sharing platform TikTok previously sued President Donald Trump in the United States of America (USA) for banning relations with parent company ByteDance. In the justification of the case, it was claimed that Trump’s decision was political and was not based on bona fide national security concerns. In the 39-page indictment, US President Donald Trump, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and the US Department of Commerce were listed as defendants.

In a press release issued by TikTok, “The Trump administration has ignored our thorough and good faith efforts to address concerns. The decision to sue the US government was not easy for us. But we think we have no choice but to act to protect our rights, the rights of our community and our employees ”.


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