US state tries to hinder sales of electric cars


The state of Michigan, in the USA, has hampered the performance of electric car manufacturers, with the exception of Tesla. Last week, local authorities introduced a bill that prevents the sale of these cars without a dealer. According to the Association of Automobile Dealers in the state, this legislation aims to reduce ambiguities and make competition between manufacturers more fair.

According to a spokesman for Rivian, a manufacturer specializing in electric cars, the bill (PL) will be voted on this Tuesday (22). Despite having the objective of reducing commercial inequalities, the approval of this PL will represent an even greater setback in the adoption of these automobiles in Michigan.

After all, building a network of resellers is a challenging task and many companies in this sector, including Tesla, prefer the adoption of direct sales – which provides a broader distribution.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk’s company managed to sell its cars without acquiring a dealer license in Michigan. To this end, an agreement was made that allowed the use of legal loopholes, such as registering vehicles in another location and sending them to the state and performing services under the guidance of a wholly owned subsidiary.

The Michigan Automobile Dealers Association, which represents more than 600 companies, believes the bill was created to prevent another company from circumventing the legislation just as Tesla did and dominates the local electric car market.

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