US Says Chip Crisis Continues Through 2022


Chip: US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo reported to President Joe Biden’s administration regarding the chip crisis that continues to plague the electronics industry.

According to the study, which evaluated the situation of more than 150 companies that are part of some stage of the supply of processors, the imbalance between supply and demand remains “significant and persistent”.

Therefore, it is possible to believe that the shortage in the semiconductor sector will continue at least until the second half of 2022, without the market being close to solving the problem at the moment. This opinion is similar to Intel’s forecast, which believes that some effects will still be felt in specific areas until next year.

More details

The US administration is still investigating cases where the price of semiconductors has risen too much, including sectors such as automobiles and medical devices, which have seen very high demand over the past two years.

In addition, Raimondo reinforced that the country’s legislation needs to advance to guarantee more subsidies and allow the installation or modernization of chip factories in the country. Intel and TSMC, for example, have works underway in the US, but construction should take up to two years in both cases.

On the other hand, according to Bloomberg, the report did not identify any cases of purposeful stockpiling – a hypothesis that was even raised at the beginning of the crisis.