US Presidential Election Will Be Tracked On Blockchain


According to the statement announced on the online encyclopedia site Everipedia, the US presidential elections to be held on November 3, 2020 will be published on blockchain.

The project, which emerged as a result of the collaboration with the famous news agency Associated Press (AP), is one of the many blockchain voting projects currently underway. It has been announced that the AP has been working with Everipedia for a while to publish the results on the EOS blockchain and Everipedia will access the voting data via the agency’s API. In order to ensure the correct processing of data in the implementation of the project, Everipedia’s Chainlink base oracle service will also be used.

Although the US presidential elections will be followed through blockchain, this application will not be a decentralized application. Because while the votes are shown on the blockchain, the Associated Press will also count the votes. In addition, Everipedia has announced that it will publish all data related to the elections. According to the continuation of the statement, since the vote count is only one step of the election process, blockchain technology will be used at a minimum level in this process.

It is thought that the active activity of blockchain technology in the voting process will allow election data to be immutable and accessible. According to Everipedia’s statements, these data can be used even in prediction markets. The site will do this by allowing users to bet on the results on the day of the election.

Blockchain technology is integrated with elections

Blockchain technology’s involvement in voting projects is not a process that started with the union of these two names. Because in some states in America, electronic voting has already been passed last year and the elections were held with Voatz, an application that uses blockchain technology. In other words, blockchain has become a technology that allows citizens not only to show their votes, but also to create an account and vote.

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Outside of the United States, countries such as Sierra Leone, Russia and Estonia are among the countries that have tried to combine blockchain technology with voting mandate.


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