US presidential candidate Kanye West has gone mad!


Kanye West, who attracted attention after announcing that he was a US presidential candidate and was surprised by both his words at the rally and his Twitter posts, shared the video of the moments he urinated after the Grammy award on his social media account. West said, “Believe me, I won’t stop!” the video he said came across many angry comments.

Kanye West, the famous rap singer of the US presidential candidate, continues to surprise and talk about himself. The 43-year-old American singer, who has reacted with his recent tweets, is on the agenda this time with his video of urinating over the Grammy award.

West, who has been nominated for a 69-time Grammy and has won 29 Grammy so far, drew reaction after the images he shared on Twitter with the note “Believe me, I will not stop”.

While the toilet video shared by West was described as “disgusting” by social media users, the famous singer also stated that she was not sorry for posting the video.


Kanye West recently said that African-Americans do not get a fair share of the pie, citing the NBA and the music world as an example by stating that they are used in companies run by white people.

West said in his message, “I need to see everyone’s contract at Universal and Sony. I will not watch the enslavement of my people. I am putting my life in danger for my people. The music industry and the NBA are today’s slave ships. I am the new Moses.”

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Wealth removed his message

West tweeted, “I am the second richest black in America. I need all my people to stay free,” and later deleted the tweet, writing the message “Wealth is in our love of family, in our love of family, and in our service to God.”

Kanye West, who had previously confused with his interesting tweets after he was nominated for the US presidency, announced that he had been trying to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian for two years, and also shared a screenshot of his correspondence with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner, whom he accused of racism.


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