US President Trump blacklisted Xiaomi


While the harsh embargo imposed by the USA on Huawei is still in effect, US President Donald Trump, who is days before he handed over his duty, announced that the Chinese company Xiaomi and some companies were blacklisted.

Chinese company Xiaomi is blacklisted in the USA

The results of the tension between the USA and Huawei are still in memory. US President Trump, who is living his last days in his office, made another decision that fell like a bomb on the agenda.

According to Reuters, China-based technology giant Xiaomi was added to the black list because it was claimed by the Trump administration to be linked to the Chinese military. In addition to Xiaomi, the Chinese-based commercial aircraft company COMAC and 8 other companies were also added to the black list.

The companies will direct their US investors to dispose of their assets in blacklisted companies until November 11, 2021. Thus, China-based companies will be subject to a new US investment ban.

The black list, to which Trump added Xiaomi, is different from the embargo imposed on Huawei. It is wondered how the new US President Joe Biden, who will take over the task in about 5 days, will follow a course for the sanctions imposed on China-based companies.

After this move of Donald Trump, an official statement was made on the Xiaomi front. Xiaomi announced that “belonging to the Chinese army”, which is among the reasons for the USA to put the ban, does not reflect the truth. The company is also “Xiaomi is not a” Communist Chinese Military Company “as stated in the NDAA. All necessary measures will be taken by us to protect the interests of our company and our shareholders. ” found in the description.