US President Donald Trump taken to military hospital


US President Donald Trump, who has caught a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), was taken to Walter Reed Military Hospital on the advice of doctors.

US President Donald Trump, who was caught in the coronavirus, was hospitalized for precaution.

In the statement made by the White House, it was stated that Trump, who had a positive Covid-19 test, was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center for precautionary purposes and will stay here for a few days.

According to Regard News, US President Donald Trump was hospitalized due to Covid-19. You can read the news of Regard News here.


On the other hand, Trump’s doctor Sean Conley said in a statement on his social media account that Trump was treated with 8 grams of “antibody cocktail” for precautionary purposes.


US President Trump said in a statement on Twitter at night, “Tonight our First Lady and my Covid-19 test were positive. We will start the quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this process together.” he used the expressions.

In a written statement from the White House, the official statement of Trump’s doctor Sean Conley about the tests in question was shared. In the statement, Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, were informed that the latest Covid-19 tests were positive, “Currently, both the President and the First Lady are in good shape and they will both stay at home in the White House during the recovery process.” statements were included.

Trump recently announced that one of his consultants, Hope Hicks, will start the quarantine process after his Covid-19 test is positive. Hicks, one of Trump’s close advisors, has been one of the names of the US President’s many election trips recently.

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