US politician is on the agenda with Twitch broadcast


A politician named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broadcasted on Twitch to both encourage voting and have a good time with the audience. The US politician, who quickly gained viewers with his Twitch broadcast, was on the agenda.

US politician came up with Twitch broadcast

Considering that traditional media does not mean much for the Z generation, it becomes inevitable to use social media and streaming platforms to reach the masses.

ABD'li siyasetçi Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitch yayını ile gündemde

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Monday that she will be broadcasting Twitch live on Twitter. Thanks to the followers who prepared the broadcast image immediately after the announcement, more audiences were reached. A big live broadcast took place with the participation of famous broadcasters such as Pokimane, HasanAbi, Disguised Toast and DrLupo. The young politician, who had a good time playing Among Us and had a good time with his audience, did not seem likely to mention the issue of voting during the broadcast.

Ocasio-Cortez succeeded in being among the top 20 broadcasts, reaching 435,000 viewers instantly with its live broadcast on Twtich. The publisher, nicknamed Ninja, broke the Twitch record while broadcasting with Drake in 2018, surpassing 600,000 people instantly.

It is known that some politicians in our country use live broadcast platforms similarly. What do you think about politicians appealing to masses using social media and live broadcast platforms? You can express your thoughts in the comments.

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