In the US, a Person Caught Coronary Infusion Three Times in Two Months


26-year-old American Christian Bermea, who caught a coronavirus in March, faced three more positive tests since then.

In the USA, the country most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, it is on the agenda of the country where Christian Bermea suffered from this disease. Bermea, 26, living in the city of Houston, started experiencing symptoms of dry cough and weakness on March 16.

Continuing his working life from home, Bermea applied to the hospital when high fever and chest pain were added to the symptoms that did not go away. On March 19, Bermea was diagnosed with Covid-19. Bermea, who returned home after treatment, has been in quarantine since then.

‘The sense of smell is not like before’
After the first diagnosis made in Bermea, two more tests were positive.

“I still don’t feel 100 percent good,” said Bermea. “I am much better than the initial process. My sense of smell is not the same. From time to time, I also experience fatigue and shortness of breath. ”

“This is not just a physical process, but also a spiritual side,” said Bermea. Again, if positive results, I will wait a bit for new tests. ”

Dr. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic “Patients of this type are increasing their question marks,” Sandberg said in a statement on the subject. The positive test does not mean that you will infect people. “It means that it is part of the genetic code in your body,” he said.


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