US OnePlus thinking it’s pirated AirPods


It is not only the consumer who has difficulties to differentiate products from the same segment that are really similar, but belong to different companies. US Border Protection Customs (CBP) officials have seized a load of alleged “counterfeit AirPods” that were, in fact, original headphones from an Apple competitor, OnePlus.

The case happened last Friday (11), at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York. A shipment of about 2,000 headsets was barred and intercepted by those responsible, claiming that the combined product was worth more than $ 398,000.

The problem? The box itself already denounces that, in fact, the models are legitimate units of the OnePlus Buds, the wireless headphones launched by the Chinese manufacturer in late July this year, along with the OnePlus Nord smartphone.

The company’s North American division was humorous to Twitter and replied “Hey, give it back!” in the original CBP post, but there are still no details about what happened – the model’s documentation may have been incorrect, leading the agents to think that the expected cargo was formed by AirPods, for example.

So far, there are no details on who owns the shipment, which may be a retail partner or the company itself. Apple did not comment on the case.


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