US neurologists: The virus also damages the brain

Coronavirus statement from US neurologists: The virus also damages the brain
A critical statement came from neurologists in the US, where the number of deaths is increasing day by day in the coronavirus epidemic that ravages the world. He explained that neurologists in the country detected serious disorders in the brain of a small number of coronavirus patients. It was stated that speech impairment or decreased response were observed in these patients after they had a coronavirus.
Regarding coronavirus cases occurring in the USA, it was stated that a 74-year-old coronavirus patient lost speech and abnormal swelling and cell death was detected in some parts of the brain after the patient’s brain scans. Dr. Neurologist, who made statements to the New York Time Newspaper on the subject. Elissa Fory stated that they observed similar symptoms in a coronavirus patient in their 50s and, in rare cases, detected damage to the brain. Also in the news, few similar cases from other parts of the world have been reported; In these patients, it was stated that stroke, seizure and blood clots were formed in the brain. The NeuroCovid unit was established at the University of Brescia in Brescia, Italy, which will only work on this.
Breathing Device For Lungs But No Device For Brain
Dr. of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Sherry Chou stated in the statement that every information acquired will be useful, “There is no breathing apparatus for the brain. If the lungs are broken, we connect the patient to the respirator. The same luxury is not available for the brain. ”


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