US K-pop Movie Starts Casting Idols As Leads


US K-pop movie starts casting idols as leads. What is K-pop: lost in America about? This is the synopsis of the film by CJ ENM and the Interstellar production company.

A movie about K-pop idols is targeting Hollywood. This is the ambitious project of the CJ ENM company that begins casting in August for musical stars who wish to star in the film.

The film has the tentative title of K-pop: lost in America (K-pop: lost in America). It will be produced by Lynda Obst (Interstellar) and Miky Lee (Executive PD of Parasite). The film is directed by JK Youn, known for the blockbusters Ode to my father and Haeundae.

K-pop synopsis: lost in America

What will it be about? According to information shared by Variety, this is a road movie set in the United States.

“The narrative follows a K-pop group who, by accident, find themselves in Texas with only two days left until their global debut in New York. Without money and with little time, they will do everything they can to reach the Big Apple and perform on the dream stage ”.

Casting for the cast begins in August, and director Youn confirms that they are seeking idols for the main characters. They will also include cameos with international stars.

“We plan to have K-pop artists in the cast, as well as icons of the pop industry to attract the attention of a global audience,” said the filmmaker.

As the project is in the early stages, its premiere could be completed in 2023. The team hopes that K-pop: lost in America will be entertaining for both fans of this industry and a global audience.


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