US government to unveil new UFO registrations on June 1


On June 1, more sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) will be revealed to the public by the United States Intelligence Community, including that of something that broke the sound barrier without producing the so-called sonic boom – or sonic boom.

John Ratcliffe, ex-commander of the organization, explained, last Saturday (20), that he hoped to be ahead of the disclosure during his term – under administration of Donald Trump – something that did not happen, but he says that the events are “difficult to explain. ”

The announcement will join other phenomena already detailed by the North American country. In April 2020, for example, the U.S. Navy released three videos in which mysterious aircraft, as fast as the one to be shown, circulate through the air.

With the concern that these are technologies developed by other nations, the Pentagon is dedicated to looking for such records and does not initially treat them as extraterrestrial evidence.

As for the next news, according to the Newsweek, they will bring information about apparently impossible movements that occurred around the world. In addition, the data was captured by automated sensors, not just human eyes.

Anyway, not everything can necessarily be related to cutting-edge equipment.

It is a bird? An airplane?

Experts in fact verification do not rule out that the apparent high speed witnessed on previous occasions is an optical illusion, the parallax, whose effect originates from the proximity of objects to the lens.

In relation to other background elements, what is in focus causes the observer to feel strange – and even ordinary airplanes or weather balloons would not be free of distortions.

Sharpness variations, in turn, are part of the assumptions.

Finally, explains LiveScience, there are several projects that aim to eliminate sonic booms even with the breaking of the sound barrier, such as NASA’s X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology, almost always on the ground.

If other governments are embarking on similar endeavors, well, they remain on the sly – and, who knows, generating awe in people who, accidentally, come face to face with the news.


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